What is an Average Adjuster?

A Danish Average Adjuster is a University Master of Law candidate after which the candidate must take at least 3 years  traineeship in an foto_lastAverage Adjusting office before he can apply for the examination governed by the Average Adjuster Commission (dispachørkommissionen) under the Danish Business Authority which is an Agency under Ministy of Business and Growth

An Average Adjuster is officially appointed by the Danish Business Authority.

When ship and cargo are exposed to at common danger e.g. grounding or fire and efforts is done to save the ship and goods from the common danger this situation would usually be characterized as General Average. If, say, the ship owner, incur expenses to save ship and cargo from a common danger the costs thus incurred shall be apportioned over the contributory values saved and it is the Average Adjuster who make the apportionment of said cost in his Statement of General Average.

The Average Adjuster is a professional who examines and investigates the circumstances when a ship suffers an average (damage), breakdown e.g. fire, collision or grounding or like. The Statement of General Average is drawn up by the Average Adjuster in accordance with the international rules - York-Antwerpen Rules -.

In addition hereto the Average Adjuster makes up adjustments in cases involving marine insurance e.g. hul-, cargo- and freight insurance including Shipyard Liability and Loss of Time.

Finally the Average Adjuster assists in legal advising in connection with queries in matter of the Maritime Law.
In Denmark exist two independent Average Adjuster offices both located in Copenhagen.