Average Adjuster Copenhagen offers the following services:

  • Adjusting and apportionment of General Average (Statement of General Average).
  • Adjusting and apportionment of Particular Average (Statement of Particular Average).
  • Adjustments prepared as pdf-file or the like for ship owner’s prompt distribution of adjustments to  co-insurers to achieve faster settlement of claim.
  • Adjustment of cargo claim.
  • Adjustment of Loss of Hire Claims.
  • Preparing Claim against third party (e.g. in collision claims).
  • Apportionment of compensation (net revenue) to and from third party between ship and Hull and Machinery Underwriters.
  • Apportionment of salvage remuneration between ship owners, master and crew cfr. provisions in the Danish Maritime Code.
  • Apportionment of revenue between the claimants if the responsible party may or can limit his responsibility in accordance with the international conventions on Limitation on Liability.
  • Specialist opinion on matters within Maritime Law, Marine Insurance and related subjects.
  • Mediation.